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Let us introduce ourselves...

We have put together a great team of educators and experts. The morning programs are for children from three to six years old, and the afternoon programs are for children from six to twelve years old, with the possibility of overnight stays so that parents can have a rest without having a nanny at home.

Our main focus is on the safety of the children and the quality of the program to make it a memorable experience for all involved. Children can swim in the saltwater pool, play ping pong or have a pajama party in the screening room. Parents are welcome to join in, but it is by providing a full service that we want to make it easier for them.

Our offer includes organising birthday and seasonal parties tailored to suit children and whole groups. There are sports games of all kinds to choose from including swimming, crafts, fashion shows, costume parties, theatre games and a whole host of other activities. Prices are adjusted according to the service required, the type of refreshments and the demands of the programme.

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MgA. Adéla Koubková, DiS.

Graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Janáček Conservatory, and internships in New York City (2007 American Ballet Theatre, American Ballet East, 2014 New York University Tish school of Arts), performer, choreographer, and teacher.

Currently, she is involved in preschool and movement pedagogy for the youngest children and choreographs Flashmobs (Kinder, Children's Olympics, Golden Day of Golden Prague), teaching swimming to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Adéla is among others an accredited swimming instructor, lifeguard, and nurse. She cooperates with Place4People studio, prestigious synchronized figure skating teams Olympia, Euphoria, Harmony and Minnies, as well as with artistic entities Vox Luminas and Pyroterra, Metro and DJKT Plzeň theatres.

Among her greatest achievements are tours in Japan and China, multiple World and European Champion titles in prestigious dance competitions for interpretation and choreography, and collaborations with choreographers Vincent Patterson (choreographer of Michael Jackson), Sofia Krantz. She considers her dream come true to work with RG Contemporary company of New York. Adela also created an educational magnetic calendar for preschool and younger school children to facilitate reflection on the day and then week. Meet "our" Adéla.

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Jana Blountová

Mother of 4 children, one daughter and three sons, aged 18, 20, 22 and 27.

After my children left for university and to pursue careers, my big house was orphaned and I really wanted it to come back to life. So I came up with a unique concept of a club that will teach children healthy exercise, traditions, music, drama, dance, languages, social etiquette and other skills that they are losing due to modern technology.

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