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Let us introduce ourselves...

We have put together a great team of educators and experts. The morning programs are for children from three to six years old, and the afternoon programs are for children from six to twelve years old, with the possibility of overnight stays so that parents can have a rest without having a nanny at home.

Our main focus is on the safety of the children and the quality of the program to make it a memorable experience for all involved. Children can swim in the saltwater pool, play ping pong or have a pajama party in the screening room. Parents are welcome to join in, but it is by providing a full service that we want to make it easier for them.

Our offer includes organising birthday and seasonal parties tailored to suit children and whole groups. There are sports games of all kinds to choose from including swimming, crafts, fashion shows, costume parties, theatre games and a whole host of other activities. Prices are adjusted according to the service required, the type of refreshments and the demands of the programme.


We prepare meals and drinks for children in cooperation with PuzzleSalads. It is a concept offering high quality, quick and healthy food made from premium, seasonal and local ingredients. The menu is constantly changing according to the season.

We are able to adapt the menu to each child's individual needs and requirements (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.).


To make it easier for parents to choose clothes for the day and season, we dress children in uniform and comfortable clothing, which we provide free of charge. It is a quality selection of cuts and materials from global brands with an emphasis on "slow fashion," which is supported by 5. Avenue.

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