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The premises of our club are in a modern villa built in 2005 by architect Miloslav Čejka. The house is equipped with quality materials that ensure a healthy environment for children. These are maple floors with natural oil treatment, wooden door frames made of walnut veneer, quality Italian ceramics, use of glass and metal. The facility is equipped with recuperation to exchange air twice an hour for a quality learning environment free of dust and dust mites. Ventilation through large area aluminum windows in the classrooms is also used to maintain a pleasant climate.

Three geothermal wells provide environmentally friendly heating for the rooms, the hot water tank, and most importantly the salt water pool. This is used for lessons, pool parties and swimming classes. This facility is only used privately for the C.L.U.B.'s needs and guarantees the quality of the water treatment and cleanliness. Lessons are provided by a professional lifeguard with accreditation and a first aid course.

There is a greenhouse in the atrium of the house to introduce children to subtropical plants. Children participate in watering and growing bananas and other vegetation.

The villa is set in a garden overlooking the city, at the end of a cul-de-sac. This allows for a safe passage for the children and also guarantees a peaceful environment for education, learning and fun.

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